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What do I need to put my business online?
What will it cost? Here are some FAQ's from Baylite.
A web site for your Business or Organization
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FAQ: What about the content?
The content is provided by you, the client. Include product prices, catalogues, images, logos, schedules, addresses, phone numbers, contacts, links to related sites, and any amount of information for your customers
FAQ: What is the cost of this content?
Of course, there is no charge for this. The cost to you is simply the time it takes you
to assemble the text, images and information. The time spent on this activity will be
well rewarded.
FAQ: What about a Web Address / Domain Name?
Choose an address that customers will remember, one that says who you are. It will probably have the extension .org, .net, .com, or .ca. There is a yearly fee to register and keep the
domain name for you. The price depends on the registrar you choose. We can make suggestions.
You need a place to store your new web site. Space is provided by your web host. Choose an appropriate plan depending on the amount of web space you require, and other factors including the number of email accounts provided. We can suggest several good web hosts.
FAQ: What is the host?
FAQ: What about maintenance of my site?
It is essential to keep your information fresh and current. Your web designer should be in touch with your subject matter expert (SME) regularly to update your web site as required. With Baylite this maintenance fee is only $10 per month.